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Kansas City Chiefs GM sees 10-12 impact players in the 2015 NFL Draft

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KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey met with the media for his annual pre-draft press conference and confirmed what we all knew: the Chiefs are taking the best available player.

The Chiefs GM was asked how many first round talents are in this draft and he responded that he sees 10-12 impact players in this draft. Unfortunately, he didn't name those players for us. We all know from the way the draft works that there will be more impact players and they won't all be the ones Dorsey is thinking of.

I jotted down some notes from Dorsey's presser. There wasn't any news that he broke here besides confirming that he continues to talk to Justin Houston's reps and that the Chiefs have called other teams to let them know they're open to talk about trades (which he does every year).

Notes from Dorsey's press conference

Dorsey says he will talk to the offensive and defensive coaches to get their in put. On Monday, he'll talk with Andy Reid about where they are as a team and which players they like. He said the hard part is making sure they make the right choices.

Dorsey says over the years he's had anywhere from 140 to 220 players on his board in a draft.

"There are centers to be there at all levels of the draft," Dorsey said.

Dorsey says the ability of a player to make an impact immediately depends on the position and the player.

"With Jeremy [Maclin], there's a vertical threat." He also said Maclin has the ability to go inside and outside.

With character risks, Dorsey says they vet every player they bring in.

Dorsey says having 10 picks doesn't change his approach. "The hard thing and the most stressful thing is making sure you got the right player. That's the hard thing. I don't think it changes how you go about your business one way or another."

Dorsey says he would have made the Ben Grubbs trade even if they didn't have those extra compensatory picks coming.

Dorsey says they do so much preparation that draft day is almost boring. "The emotion is out of it," he said.

The Chiefs have called around regarding possible trades. "We have called around to express interest, to let everyone know that we can talk and have an open line of communication. Whatever you have to offer, let's sit and talk about it."

Dorsey says Mike Catapano is 295 pounds. "He looks wonderful."

On a possible Sean Smith suspension, Dorsey says, "For whatever does happen, we're prepared for it."

On Houston: "I foresee him not going anywhere in the future." Dorsey says they have talked to his reps in the last few days.