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Dwayne Bowe returned to Kansas City to pay his respects to long-time Chiefs fan

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

You might remember a story being passed around earlier this week about a big Chiefs fan, 88-year old Betty Johnson, who passed away while former Chiefs great Nick Lowery was visiting her.

When she passed away, Dwayne Bowe, who used to kiss her before every game, made an incredible gesture by coming back in town to pay his respects.

KCTV-5 reports:

"He flew in for my mother's funeral to give her the last kiss. Her celebration was just what she wanted. I wished I could have seen her in heaven today. I know she was there in spirit. It was a special ending to very special person," Susan Johnson said.

Bowe got up at the memorial and said a few words about his biggest fan. He even sent her a wreath of white flowers.

"You might have thought your were the Chiefs No. 1 fan, but in so many ways, we were yours. Thanks for making Arrowhead feel like home to me. I will continue to play my heart out for you. Kisses to you my special angel," the current Cleveland Browns player wrote on the flowers.

Football aside, that's an incredible move by Bowe. Much respect.