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Chiefs get screwed on home primetime games on their 2015 NFL schedule

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I was talking with someone earlier today and they asked me how many primetime games I thought the Kansas City Chiefs would get this year. I said probably three primetime games. I also said that the Chiefs better have at least two of those games at Arrowhead Stadium -- if not all three -- because they have to lose a home game and go to London to support the NFL's international efforts, which nearly 80 percent of Chiefs fans are against doing.

So the Chiefs 2015 schedule comes out and whaddya know? The Chiefs do have three primetime games. Week 2 vs. Denver on Thursday night, Week 3 vs. Green Bay on Monday night and Week 11 vs. San Diego on Sunday Night.

Except only ONE of those primetime games is at home.

The Chiefs got screwed by the NFL with this primetime schedule.

Because playing in London is such a bad deal for so many of the Chiefs fans, the NFL should have awarded the Chiefs by giving them at least two if not three primetime games at home. Instead, they get one and have to go on the road to Green Bay (one of the best teams in the league) and San Diego (not one of the best teams in the league but still).

I don't mind the Chiefs overall schedule. I just expected some sort of perk for the Chiefs going to London, which is something that very few fans want to see. Not only is it a competitive disadvantage for the Chiefs because they give up a home game, it is one less time their fans can see the team at home. It sucks for the fans and the NFL did nothing to make up for it.

See the Chiefs full schedule here.

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