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KC Chiefs 2015 NFL schedule: Andy Reid reacts to Kansas City's slate of games

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs 2015 NFL schedule has been released, which you can see below. Chiefs coach Andy Reid was quoted in a release from the team about the schedule.

"April is an exciting time of year for us," Reid said. "Along with the schedule release and the NFL Draft, we also get our first opportunity as a team to get back to football. After seeing our schedule today including three primetime games, I know Chiefs Kingdom will be as energized as I am come September."

Yep. Chiefs fans will be plenty excited come September. Actually, they're ready now. Can football start tomorrow please?

Here is the Chiefs 2015 schedule if you haven't seen it.

Week 1: @ Houston Texans (Sept. 13, 12 p.m. CBS)
Week 2: Denver Broncos (TNF, Sept. 17, 7:25 p.m., NFL Network)
Week 3: at Green Bay Packers (MNF, Sept. 28, 7:30 p.m., ESPN)
Week 4: @ Cincinnati Bengals (Oct. 4, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 5: Chicago Bears (Oct. 11, 12 p.m., Fox)
Week 6: @ Minnesota Vikings (Oct. 18, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 7: Pittsburgh Steelers (Oct. 25, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 8: Detroit Lions (London, Nov. 1, 8:30 a.m., Fox)
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: @ Denver Broncos (Nov. 15, 3:25 p.m., CBS)
Week 11: @ San Diego Chargers (SNF, Nov. 22, 7:30 p.m., NBC)
Week 12: Buffalo Bills (Nov. 28, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 13: @ Oakland Raiders (Dec. 6, 3:05 p.m., CBS)
Week 14: San Diego Chargers (Dec. 13, 12 p.m, CBS)
Week 15: @ Baltimore Ravens (Dec. 20, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 16: Cleveland Browns (Dec. 27, 12 p.m., CBS)
Week 17: Oakland Raiders (Jan. 3, 12 p.m., CBS)