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Chiefs' Mike DeVito wouldn't be surprised to see Pro Bowlers on the defensive line

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs will see the return of Mike DeVito in 2015 after he missed almost of last season with an early season Achilles injury. DeVito talked to the press on Monday about spending his time working out with Derrick Johnson, another one of the Chiefs with an Achilles injury.

What I found really interesting was what DeVito said about his teammates on the defensive line. Specifically that this is the best group he's been around.

"I was talking to Dontari [Poe], this is the best group I've been around in my years in the NFL," DeVito said of the Chiefs defensive line. "These guys look great. Jaye [Howard] and [Mike] Catapano, those are two guys, if they went to the Pro Bowl, I wouldn't be shocked. You saw it out of Jaye last year. Mike had a hiccup but I really feel like he has all the tools to be great. This is a great d-line. I'm excited to watch those two guys grow."

Catapano's "hiccup" was a concussion and a gastrointestinal-based virus that ended his season before it started. He was the Chiefs 2013 seventh round pick and, based on some of the things he's posted on social media, he has stayed in shape.

I'm really excited about Catapano's potential because the Chiefs do need more help on the defensive line with DeVito and Howard entering the final years of their contracts.