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Kansas City Chiefs haven't heard about a Sean Smith suspension - yet

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The Chiefs CB could be facing a suspension after his 2014 DUI.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Smith was popped with a DUI last year and he could be facing a suspension because of it. The NFL hasn't announced a suspension yet and Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said on Monday that they haven't heard from the league either.

"We have not heard," Reid said. "That's in [the league's] hands. We'll be ready either way. If he is suspended, we'll handle it from there. If he's not then he'll be in there playing."

Smith's incident happened last summer. The Chiefs demoted him to the second team after that but Smith worked his way back into the starting lineup and had a terrific season.

There are signs that Smith could be facing a two-game suspension per the league's policies but we're still awaiting official word either way. The Chiefs will need to be ready at cornerback if Smith is suspended.