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Chiefs coach Andy Reid likes that the Royals don't back down

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a Kansas City sports fan then you probably know about what went on with the Royals and their series with the A's this weekend.

A quick recap (read more at Royals Review): A's Brett Lawrie had a questionable slide that hurt the Royals' Alcides Escobar and then Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura responded the next day by hitting Lawrie. The day after that, the A's hit Lorenzo Cain and the Royals responded by throwing at (but missing) Lawrie. (You can interpret the intent of those events however you want.)

Anyway, the Royals were mentioned during Andy Reid's Monday press conference and he touched on it.

"When you are the hunted, at times teams are going to take shots at you," Reid said. "They have to know that you're willing to put your foot down. That looks like what the Royals are doing. From what I understand, if teams throw at you, beware. That looks like what they're doing. I had a chance to go out and watch their spring practice, they got a good team. Almost virtually the same team they had before. They have a great manager and a great front office so good things are going to happen to them. They have a good locker room too. I was able to walk around and meet some of the guys and you can tell it's a tight group. The things you're seeing the last few days .... I could talk about baseball. I'm like you, a fan, but I imagine they're putting their foot down and saying they're not backing down."

Big Red has the Royals back. I love this city.