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Here's what Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid told the media on Monday

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid touched on the Royals exciting series over the weekend and said that he doesn't know if Sean Smith will be suspended or not.

Here's what else Andy Reid said on day one of the Chiefs offseason program:

Players who aren't here

Justin Houston (contract) Eric Berry (Lymphoma) are not here for obvious reasons.

Daniel Sorensen and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif are finishing school-related duties.

Tyler Bray is working out on his own outside of Kansas City as he recovers from an ACL injury.

Andy Reid's message to the players today

"It's simple. We're in year three and you take it up a notch. You know what you're all about. You've walked in these moccasins here where you know every step of the road. Now you just take everything up one notch and get ready to roll when it comes around time to play."

*I have no idea why Reid said moccasins and not shoes. Ha.

Sanders Commings among those rehabbing

"He's out there working. I'm not going to let him practice the first day of training camp but other than that -- you know why? He got hurt on the first day both years."

That was a joke from Reid, by the way. Commings had been hurt on the first day of camp the last two years.

Jeff Allen is back

"Jeff's back and doing everything. He looks good, very good. He should be (ready for OTAs)."

Donald Stephenson returns

"I think he's had a good offseason so far to this point. He's in the right frame of mind. He wants to prove to people that he deserves to be the starter. We should have a little competition in there as we go and should be healthy."

On losing his job last year, Reid said, "If you allow another man into your spot, there's no guarantee ... You want to make sure you capture that position when give that opportunity."

Sean McGrath retires, comes back and is cut

"I think at a point there he wanted to go a little different direction and so he did that and then he wanted to come back. By that time you have things kinda filled up and moving so this gives him an opportunity to hook up with someone else. He can play in the NFL. Good guy and a hard worker. I had a chance to talk to him. You never know in this league, he could be right back here. But for right now it gives him an opportunity to hook up with another team."