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Kansas City Chiefs offseason program begins: Schedule, media time and more

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We will be hearing from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and some players today from Arrowhead Stadium as the Chiefs offseason program begins. This is the first day of phase one of the offseason which includes strength and conditioning. This is not regular football just yet.

This is not mandatory but most players will show up. One player not expected? Justin Houston. He has not signed his franchise tender and is not expected to show up today. Last year he skipped everything leading up to training camp so I wouldn't be surprised to see the same.

There are three phases to the offseason and what you'll be allowed to do more and more with each phase. Phase one, however, is very limited. Here's what the CBA says about phase one:

  • Phase One activities shall be limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only.
  • During Phase One, only full-time or part-time strength and condi­tioning coaches, who have no other coaching responsibilities with the Club, shall be allowed on the field; no other coaches shall be allowed on the field or to otherwise par­ticipate in or observe activities.
  • No footballs shall be permitted to be used (only "dead ball" activities), except that quarterbacks may elect to throw to receivers provided they are not covered by any other player.
  • Players cannot wear helmets during Phase One.

Reid and other players will be speaking to the media around 12:45 (Arrowhead Time) this afternoon. We have plenty of questions to ask Reid, who we haven't heard from since the March owners meetings.

More on the Chiefs offseason program:

First day: April 20

Rookie minicamp: May 16-18

OTAs: May 26-28, June 2-4, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 16-18

This post has a little more detail on phase two and three of the offseason program.