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Jamaal Charles wants to play until he's 35 years old

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Running backs decline faster than most positions but I wouldn't put it past Jamaal Charles to play until he's 35 years old, which is what he told ESPN's Adam Teicher in an interview.

Read Teicher's post here.

Charles will turn 29 years old this December so that would be six more seasons to reach the age of 35. Maybe if the Chiefs were very careful about his carries it would be possible to stretch it to 35 but father time is undefeated. I don't want to put it past him but history has made it very clear that it's unlikely he'll make it that far.

Charles is under contract with the Chiefs for three more seasons. I think it's very realistic that he plays out that contract if the Chiefs manage him correctly.

Everyone looks at Charles as a speed guy and he is but the dude is tough. He can get difficult yards and move the chains. His speed will go as it does for everyone after 30 but he is not all about his speed. He can still be a productive player if he loses some of that.