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Kansas City Chiefs QB coach works out Kansas State quarterback

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach reportedly made the two-hour trip over to Manhattan, Kan. to work out Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters. This according to a report from NFL Draft Diamonds, who also recently interviewed Waters.

Here are Waters stats for the season. Here is a nice scouting report on him.

Waters had shoulder surgery in January so he was unable to work out at K-State's pro day recently. His agent emailed a report on his pro day:

Waters threw more than 50 balls on Friday and threw the entire route tree. Jake has only ben throwing for three weeks and is already feeling like his old self, "My arm has never felt better! Today was the strongest it has been since I was able to start throwing after my surgery. And it's getting stronger every day. I am getting my zip and velocity back."

He demonstrated fantastic accuracy and velocity, especially considering that he's only been throwing for less than three weeks. Teams I spoke with post-workout were very impressed.

There aren't many undrafted quarterbacks who end up making an impact in the league but it's such an important position that every quarterback merits some work.

I'm sure we have some K-State in the crowd. What is the scouting report on Jake Waters?