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This 2015 NFL mock draft has Chiefs taking Cameron Erving in the second round

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's latest 2015 NFL mock draft has the Kansas City Chiefs selecting two offensive linemen in the first two rounds-- Stanford OT Andrus Peat at No. 18 and -- surprise, surprise -- Florida State C Cameron Erving at No. 49 in the second round.

Your first reaction here is "Erving won't be there in the second round" and you'er probably right. He is the top center in this class and the top player at any position group could be overdrafted (same idea as Rodney Hudson, the best free agent center, getting paid very, very well).

I'm biased but the best scouting reports on the Internet come from SB Nation's Stephen White, a former NFL player. Go read his Cameron Erving breakdown where he is not convinced this is a first round pick.

I do lean toward believing Erving will get better as a pro and have a fine career. I'm just not sure enough about his prospects to believe he is a first-round pick. I think even as a second-round pick, I might try to see if I could get him somewhere in the middle of the round. Second-round picks are generally guys teams are going to count on to eventually become starters, if not starters from day one. I'm not saying Erving won't go at the top of the second round, but the wild card in that scenario will be how many offensive linemen have already been selected. I could see a scenario where there's a run on projected guards and centers in the first round, and someone panics and takes Erving at the top of the second.

Some people would have an issue with taking a center like Erving in the first round because you don't want to be taking a center in the first round. Positional value and all that. Centers can often be had in later rounds. But what if the Chiefs took the top center in the second round? Well, that's a horse of a different color.