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Kansas City Chiefs need to have a plan if Sean Smith is suspended

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Star's Terez Paylor reports that KC Chiefs CB Sean Smith received a two-year probation and paid a fine for his DUI arrest last summer. That's not the real penalty though. The real penalty is the possibility of a suspension for the arrest.

The NFL's new drug policy was agreed to last September, which came after Smith's arrest in June. Apparently that doesn't matter. The policy will reportedly apply retroactively to the start of that league year, which was March 11, 2014.

So if I am reading this policy correctly, it's pretty cut and dry. Smith pled guilty to the DUI and is likely to face a two-game suspension from the NFL.

Players were reportedly told last year that they had until November 1, 2014 to settle any pending cases or else they'll face the new policy. Obviously Smith just went to court this week so he missed out on that.

When this DUI arrest happened last year, I predicted Smith would not be suspended because the typical DUI punishment back then was a fine of two game checks but no suspension. That was before the new drug policy was instituted.

Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell was involved in a DUI incident after Smith's arrest in June last summer and has since faced the courts and received his suspension. I'm not sure if / when Smith's suspension will come but I suspect sometime fairly soon.

Onto the football side of things ... how does this affect the Chiefs on the field?

The Chiefs need another cornerback. Not just a guy but an NFL caliber cornerback. Phillip Gaines and Jamell Fleming look like the top two corners if Smith is out. Marcus Cooper is there as well but he was benched last season so it's tough to count on him right now. Two games won't decide the Chiefs draft strategy but it does put the spotlight on a cornerback in the first round. On the flip side, if Smith is suspended the Chiefs will get a peek at what their secondary could look like if Smith hits free agency next year.

The Chiefs schedule release, which is expected next week, also becomes more important if Smith is suspended. I would rather see the Chiefs playing the Browns or Texans in those first two games rather than the Broncos or Packers.

It's Game Time.

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