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The Chiefs fan says: Yes, the Chargers should trade Philip Rivers to the Titans

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I hope the San Diego Chargers trade Philip Rivers to the Tennessee Titans. There are rumors going around this with the idea that the Chargers would trade Rivers -- and perhaps another draft pick, although I don't know the compensation -- in exchange for the Titans No. 2 overall pick, which would then be used on Marcus Mariota.

Philip Rivers is a very good quarterback. Chargers fans know this. Even if he hasn't won a Super Bowl, he's better than most quarterbacks and looks like a quarterback who could make a playoff run if things fell his way. He just hasn't done that yet in San Diego but I do see him as a championship caliber quarterback.

We fawn all over the quarterbacks coming out in the draft every year but the reality is there haven't been many drafted that were as good or better than Rivers. In the last five years, I count Andrew Luck as the only first round quarterback who is clearly better than him (I'm not counting the third round Russell Wilsons of the world you fall into). Cam Newton? Ryan Tannehill? They're younger but they're not obviously better than Rivers.

The point is that, in my opinion, Rivers is very likely to end up being a better player than Mariota even if he is playing for three more years or so. Thus, the Chargers will likely become a worse team with Mariota, not to mention they may have to give up another high draft pick in addition to Rivers for the rights to the No. 2 pick. There really is no precedent for a still productive but older player like Rivers getting traded so we're all guessing on the compensation.

I WANT the Chargers to trade Rivers to the Titans and I'll take my luck that Mariota won't be as good.