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2015 NFL Draft: Which positions are NOT in play for the Kansas City Chiefs?

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We spend all of our time talking about which positions the Kansas City Chiefs could be considering in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. But what about the positions they aren't considering? Here's how I would rank the most unlikely positions to have their name called by the Chiefs on April 30.

Not a chance

Fullback, kicker, punter, long snapper

If the Chiefs drafted any of those positions, we would be really angry. John Dorsey is no Al Davis.

Really unlikely

Running back, nose tackle

A running back would make some angry, too. It's not as crazy as a kicker or punter obviously but I just can't see this happening on this Chiefs team with these running back prospects. Jamaal Charles isn't declining that quickly.

As for nose tackle, that position is hard enough to find that there's a chance every year that the Chiefs could consider one of them. But they have Dontari Poe under contract for 2015 and will likely use their team option in 2016. That's two more years of Poe before you even start talking about the franchise tag (which will be probably be higher thanks to Ndamukong Suh). A defensive end on the other hand .... that seems like a possibility.

If the right player falls...

Quarterback, outside linebacker

Both of these positions seem unlikely. But what if Marcus Mariota pulls an Aaron Rodgers and falls to No. 18? What if one of the pass rushers projected to be a top 10 pick takes a dive? There's some uncertainty there with Justin Houston so I wouldn't completely rule it out (even though I expect him to be a Chief for a long time).

What positions would you would put on here?