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2015 NFL mock draft: Minnesota Vikings select...

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

With the 11th pick in the 2015 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Minnesota Vikings GM kcsno56 selects...

Long, long ago, I got mostly A’s in school. Not that long ago, maybe 15 years … damn that is a long time … wait, I’m old now? Sigh. Anyway, now I have kids and a mortgage and … sigh again. Anyway, I did well in school, at least mostly. Even though I didn’t go to class all the time, I knew the difference between ‘A’ work and just get it handed in work. This is the latter. Been a long day, I just got home, it’s midnight and I’m watching the Royals … and I’m not at all sober, but professor Primetime wants his assignment turned in on time so I can’t disappoint.

Luckily I’ve known who I was going to pick ever since I saw that CB Trae Waynes was selected. He was my target, and who I think the Vikings are hoping will fall to No. 11. When he didn’t make it to my slot, I considered going with another CB, maybe Marcus Peters from Washington, but it’s too much of a reach. If Waynes is gone, I could see the Vikings maybe trying to slide back and CB.

As we’re not trading in this mock and no other CB is worthy of No. 11 that leaves me with the following positions of need to consider: WR, OL, LB, S and … RB.

Let me get RB out of the way. I don’t think there is a RB in this draft that should go No. 11. If I were personally drafting, I’d never take a RB at No. 11, regardless of the prospect. Even if the Vikings internally are sure that AD is never taking another snap in purple, I think they wait until a later round (or trade back) to find his replacement or a compliment to McKinnon.

LB and S are definitely areas of need, but areas I think better served in later rounds. The only possibility at this high of a pick is maybe Bama’s Landon Collins, but again, to me this is a reach.

Which brings me to the crux of the decision I grappled with. As soon as I saw Waynes was gone I knew it came down to OL or WR. If Mike Wallace hadn’t just been acquired, this wouldn’t have been as difficult a decision. Wallace hasn’t lit the world on fire since signing his huge contract in Miami, but he is a legit deep threat. Important (I think) in the decision to acquire him, after this year he can be cut with no dead money. So this is basically a one year prove it contract, that if he lives up to the $10 million they are going to pay him, they can keep him around on a couple 1 year deals moving forward. If he doesn’t…he’s gone.

If you don’t follow the Vikings much, you may only know Matt Kalil on their OL. The problem is he hasn’t really lived up to his lofty draft status. He’s also may be a free agent after this year (Vikes hold fifth year option that has yet to be used … and is hardly a sure thing to be). If the Vikings want to go OL, I think La’el Collins of LSU is their best bet. He’s got the flexibility to play LG (where they also have a weakness) for a year and then they can decide what to do with Kalil. If he asks for too much, they would have Collins and Loadholt to roll with at OT. If Kalil proves to be affordable (or greatly improves) they can keep them all and find the best way to make it work. Not all that unlike the situation the Chiefs faced with ‘prized’ prospect Eric Fisher while still having Albert and Stephenson.

So, do the Vikings want to protect their QBOTF Bridgewater, who had a mostly impressive rookie year, or do they want to give him another weapon? It’s not an easy decision, but with Teddy’s former college teammate sitting there, I think they’re going with the weapon and snag ....

Louisville WR DeVante Parker

Parker showed good size, speed and production at Louisville (6’2 5/8, 209) with and without Teddy. He missed the first 7 games of 2014 with a foot injury but still managed to almost equal his yards and receptions from his Junior season. In 4 years at Louisville, Parker proved to be a true big play threat, never averaging less than 16 yards per reception.

Here’s a decent highlight package of Parker. The highlights of Teddy and Parker look almost unfair (bonus points it features Tupac – again, I’m old) enjoy it…I’ll be here waiting…

So, final predictions: look for the Vikings to trade Peterson, likely not on day one. With his contract / age they would be lucky to get a second round pick, and I’m not sure they can even fetch that. Look for them to target Waynes and if they can’t get him to try and trade back. If they can’t do either and the draft falls as it has here at AP, I think they would be more than happy to re-unite the dynamic tandem of Bridgewater and Parker for years to come.

Mock draft order

1. Bucs - QB Jameis Winston

2. Titans - WR Amari Cooper

3. Jaguars - DT Leonard Williams

4. Raiders - WR Kevin White

5. Redskins - LB Vic Beasley

6. Jets - LB Dante Fowler

7. Bears - QB Marcus Mariota

8. Falcons - LB Shane Ray

9. Giants - CB Trae Waynes

10. Rams - OL Brandon Scherff

11. Vikings - WR DeVante Parker