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2015 NFL Draft: Which of these 2nd round picks would you take for Kansas City Chiefs?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Teicher has been running a series looking at what type of players the Kansas City Chiefs can expect with their draft picks by looking at which players were drafted at that spot in previous years. Matt Verderame picked up on the same thing and ran down the list of recent 49th overall picks, which is the number of the Chiefs second round pick in 2015.

On that list of 49th overall picks comes two very interesting names. The first is center Max Unger in 2009, who was just traded to New Orleans from Seattle in the Jimmy Graham trade. The second is receiver DeSean Jackson, who was selected 49th overall by a guy named Andy Reid.

If you knew the Chiefs were going to be able to draft one of those two players, which one would it be?

Center is an obvious position of need for the Chiefs (Eric Kush disagrees) so Unger is a solid pick. He is one of the league's top centers and would immediately stabilize a Chiefs offensive line that has already seen an infusion of talent with the Ben Grubbs trade.

Receiver is another position of need. Jeremy Maclin's addition has lessened that need in the draft but the Chiefs aren't in the business of turning down talent at receiver.

Right now, I would probably take Max Unger because that would be a great fit for what the Chiefs need right now. DeSean wouldn't be getting as many deep balls in Kansas City and I could foresee that being a potential distraction. And if I'm an NFL coach, I hate distractions.