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Free agent Stefen Wisniewski continues to make visits, not to Chiefs

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The free agent center has made a number of visits -- none to Kansas City (that I know of).

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like every few days we hear that Raiders free agent center Stefen Wisniewski is visiting another team in free agency. Today, it's Washington.

Previous reports have Wisniewski already visiting the Titans, Jaguars, Patriots, Bucs and Seahawks. The Rams, Bears and even the Chiefs are among the teams who have been rumored to be showing interest in him.

The catch here is that, according to the Chicago Tribune, Wisniewski had offseason surgery. I am guessing that is complicating matters because he's either not healthy now or other teams don't want to meet his reported demand of $4 million per year.

The way these things often go when a player misses the first and even the second wave of free agency when all the big money has been spent is settling for a one or two year contract. He can play well on a short-term deal and then hit free agency again when he hasn't had offseason shoulder surgery.