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Where John Dorsey ranks as the Kansas City Chiefs GM

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Where does Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey rank among GMs in the NFL? Rotoworld's Pat Daugherty puts him at No. 12 in the NFL. Dorsey just on the outside of the top 10? That feels about right for a team that has been competitive but hasn't made a playoff run (yet!).

Chiefs fans can be forgiven for wanting more pizzazz, but just ask the men below Dorsey on this list — forcing moves isn't the answer. We doubt Dorsey and Reid want to be stuck with Alex Smith, either. But so is life in a league where quarterback talent is as elusive as ever. Dorsey can't keep driving 55 forever, but he's right to have remained in the right lane. At some point, Dorsey and Reid will have to make their pass on the left. For now, the speed limit is just fine.

I give Andy Reid and John Dorsey a lot of credit for recognizing what the Chiefs already had when they arrived. From the outside looking in, you would think after a 2-14 season in 2012 that the whole thing would need to be blown up. Those of us who watched the Chiefs closely knew that wasn't necessarily the case. The 2012 was a little fluky in that the Chiefs should not have been that bad. They weren't good, no. But they weren't that bad. They were just bad at quarterback and coach and, as it turns out, those are pretty important!

There are things Dorsey has done that we can complain about. Neither of his first round picks have broken out yet (not that it can't happen). They can't seem to find an inside linebacker to stick. A legit receiver just got here. There are plenty of things we have complained about and will complain about. But the big picture is hard to ignore here and the big picture is all about wins. The Chiefs won 20 games in the last two seasons. They won 23 games the previous four seasons.