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Why the Kansas City Chiefs might spend a high draft pick on a tight end

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The KC Star's Terez Paylor sent out this funny tweet yesterday:

That's a three tight end set you see in the picture. From the left, that's Travis Kelce, Richard Gordon and Anthony Fasano, who has since been cut. The Chiefs liked this unique formation in 2014. My quick count has the Chiefs running over 50 three tight end sets with Kelce, Fasano and Demetrius Harris. That's only half the season though as Harris was done by Week 10 with an injury. The Chiefs ran about 16 three tight end sets with Kelce, Fasano and Richard Gordon, who was brought on board after Harris went down.

If the season started today the Chiefs would line up Kelce and Harris as their top tight ends. Because Harris is so inexperienced with football in general -- he played basketball in college -- it makes sense that the Chiefs would add another tight end. A high draft pick, such as a second round pick on Clive Walford, is not out of the question. In fact, there's a pretty strong argument that the Chiefs should spend a day one or two pick on a tight end.

Add it all up and a significant portion of the Chiefs offense involves multiple tight ends on the field. Anthony Fasano was paid good money (four years, $16 million) and Travis Kelce was drafted high (third round) so they obviously value that position. I could definitely see a tight end drafted high.