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2015 NFL Draft: Disagreement on a potential Kansas City Chiefs pick

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Would OT Ereck Flowers be a good pick for the Chiefs or not?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who have been reading the site for a long time know that I don't consider my self an expert when it comes to the Xs and Os of football. Sure, I've been following the game a long time but I don't know one percent of what some of the experts out there know.

So I rely on what other smart people say, especially with the offensive linemen. One of those linemen discussed as a potential first round pick for the Chiefs is Miami OT Ereck Flowers. Many people have him rated as a first round pick and he has been mocked to the Chiefs pick at No. 18 plenty of times. SB Nation's Stephen White really likes him.

Other smart people, such as the KC Star's Terez Paylor, like him.

So do NFL teams, apparently.

Then you get the opposite.

Did Randy Gregory dominate him?

Or not?

We would like to think that NFL teams know more about what they're talking about than others but NFL teams make mistakes every year. This is just to reinforce that we have no idea what the Chiefs will do on April 30. Just like last year.