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NFL Draft 2015: Nelson Agholor may not be there for Kansas City Chiefs in the second round

Some wondered if he would be a consideration for the Chiefs in the second round. But he may not even last until the Chiefs second round pick.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One reason I like the idea of the Kansas City Chiefs taking a second round pick is that GM John Dorsey and coach Andy Reid have done well with second round receivers, ranging from DeSean Jackson to Jordy Nelson to Randall Cobb. That doesn't mean the Chiefs second round pick will be a dynamic receiver but that round and that position does intrigue me.

One player who many thought could be a consideration in that second round -- USC WR Nelson Agholor -- may actually not be a consideration. He may already be off the board when the Chiefs come up to pick with the 49th pick in the draft. This according to a few media folks.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King says: "Mike Mayock is absolutely right about USC wideout Nelson Agholor; clearly thought to be a late-second-round prospect two months ago, Agholor (a punt-returner too) is moving up because teams think he can play inside or outside with equal effectiveness."

Many players don't "rise" or "fall" at this time of year. It's just the media catching up to what the NFL teams probably already know. If Agholor is not there then Kansas State's Tyler Lockett could be a consideration in the second or third round. The Chiefs have shown some interest in Lockett.

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