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Overrated, underrated and just right: Kansas City Chiefs edition

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Let's play a game. Give me something about the Kansas City Chiefs and the 2015 NFL Draft that is overrated, underrated and just right. I'll start...

Overrated: WR in the first round

Without Jeremy Maclin, this is probably under the "just right" section. But with Jeremy Maclin, the idea of taking a first round receiver is overrated. The Chiefs were the 16th ranked offense last year with no receiver touchdowns. Look at the history of receivers under Andy Reid. I would almost be surprised if the Chiefs took a receiver in the first round at this point.

Underrated: CB in the first round

It doesn't feel like enough people are talking about cornerback as the most likely first round pick for the Chiefs. That includes me when I selected an offensive tackle in the SB Nation bloggers mock draft. Sean Smith will hit free agency next year and the Chiefs will have a big need at corner. Corner makes a lot of sense.

Just right: Offensive tackle

I feel like I mock an offensive linemen to the Chiefs each year. It's hard to go wrong by selecting a good offensive tackle, especially when a couple of yours are hitting free agency next year.