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Chiefs in the NFL Draft: History says defensive back would be a good pick

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

If the Kansas City Chiefs want a Pro Bowler with their first round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, history says they should pick a defensive back. Not only is it a legitimate position of need but the KC Chiefs always hit on their first round defensive backs.

Our old pal BJ Kissel at went through the Chiefs draft history back to 1967 and discovered that every first round defensive back drafted by the Chiefs has been selected to at least one Pro Bowl.

The list:

Eric Berry (2010)
Jerome Woods (1996)
Dale Carter (1992)
Gary Green (1997)
Jim Marsalis (1969)

My pick came up in the first round of SB Nation's bloggers mock draft and I was stuck deciding between my top rated corner and my top rated offensive tackle. I stuck with the tackle, selecting Stanford OT Andrus Peat. But as I usually do, I am starting to change my mind to think a corner -- if the right one is there -- should be the pick.