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Eric Berry sighting at Tennessee football's family day

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The University of Tennessee hosted its Family Day at their football complex on Saturday and guess who showed up? Eric Berry! The KC Chiefs safety has two brothers who play on Tennessee.

This picture right here of Eric and his family is so great. It's the first time I remember seeing a picture of him since the holidays.

Tennessee coach Butch Jones had this to say (via Go Vols Xtra):

"Having Eric Berry here is very symbolic of what this football program stands for," Jones said. "That’s family. We’re all one family. ... Having him and his father here, I know it means a lot to Evan and it means a lot to Elliott, but we’re all one family and having him for Family Day means a lot."

Berry's brother said last week that he's doing really well.

Here are a few more shots of Berry. Glad to see him!