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Chiefs GM John Dorsey says about 20 local draft prospects visited them

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL allows each team to have a local pro day where the team can bring in players who have ties to the metropolitan area whether that's playing at a school like Missouri or Pittsburg State or growing up in the area or playing high school ball around the city. The Chiefs held their local pro day on Friday.

The pro day is closed to the media (which doesn't make sense to me) but GM John Dorsey did speak with our old pal BJ Kissel over at the Chiefs website.

"There were 16 to 20 kids here today," Dorsey told BJ. "I asked them who all had played against each other, and 95 percent of them all raised their hands and said they had all played against each other. It was kind of neat."

That's what you get at a local pro day -- everyone knows each other.

Check out BJ's story with Dorsey quotes here. The Chiefs don't release the names of the kids who worked out (again, I don't know why .. they used to) but Herbie Teope has a partial list here.