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Dwayne Bowe says he'll give the Cleveland Browns something to watch

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Dwayne Bowe made a prediction it was before the 2013 season when he said he would lead the league in receptions and yards. He ended that season with 57 receptions for 673 yards. That did not lead the league.

D-Bowe is now in Cleveland and while he's not predicting he'll lead the league in receptions again, he is the same D-Bowe we remember. Via ESPN Radio in Cleveland:

"I'm going to give them something to watch, just like I did in Kansas City. Making plays, getting the crowd into it and spending time in the Dawg Pound. Just getting that spunk back where, you know, I'm in every game doing something spectacular."

Another one via ESPN:

"I have a chance to revitalize myself. Just sit back and watch."

I wish D-Bowe the best of luck in Cleveland. Except when he plays the Chiefs.