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Soccer fans throw beer, run onto the field at Arrowhead Stadium

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Arrowhead Stadium hosted a soccer match between Mexico and Paraguay on Tuesday night and things got a little out of hand as a some fans were arrested for running onto the field (I mean the pitch) and others started throwing beer.

The KC Star's Sam McDowell described the scene like this: "...multiple fans charged onto the pitch as players departed the field. The fans were tackled by security officers and subsequently handcuffed, prompting some fans to throw beer bottles on the field."

The pictures from the KC Star look pretty dang intense.

This security guard -- note the Chiefs logo on his shirt -- looks like he took a good one to the face.

This guy is about to lose his phone. And his dignity.

The difference here is that Chiefs fans tend to do their fighting elsewhere, such as the bathroomconcourse or parking lot. It's not very often that violence makes its way to to the field. Unless you're talking about the Chiefs players. Then, yeah, what happens on the playing field is much more violent than anything we've seen here.

A few others from the evening:

1. Someone runs onto the field 2. People start throwing beer 3. A huge fight breaks out. What a night.

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Check out this picture for a taste of how many folks attended this game at Arrowhead on Tuesday night.

Arrowhead Stadium Vamós Mexico!!! #MexicoVParaguay #WereGonnaWinnn

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