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What Jeremy Maclin does and doesn't bring to the Kansas City Chiefs

We asked Bleeding Green Nation's Brandon Gowton for answers on KC's latest import.

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The Kansas City Chiefs had heard enough wide receiver anecdotes. No touchdowns caught. Their number one wasn't a number one. The cupboard was bare. The signing of free agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin erased all of those pinchlines with a reported deal that averages $11 million per season as the brand new option atop the depth chart for Andy Reid's passing offense.

But what specifically are the Chiefs getting with the addition of Maclin? Is he a true number one receiver? Did they overpay? The numbers for Maclin look good, but is it a product of Chip Kelly's system?

We had questions and, fortunately, Brandon Gowton of our Philadelphia Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation had answers. Here's our Q&A about the addition of Maclin.

The Chiefs need anything at WR but what specifically will they love about Maclin?

BGN: The great thing about Jeremy Maclin is he can do it all. He has deep speed, he has good hands, he runs good routes, he can block, he can make tough catches along the sideline, and so on. Well-rounded is the word I'd used to describe him. He's not quite an elite receiver but he's just really good. The Chiefs will love his reliability.

What's your reaction to $11 mill for a guy like Maclin?

BGN: On a personal level, my first reaction is that I'm glad to see Maclin get his money. By all indications he's a good guy. He's worked very hard to overcome adversity and injury in order to be where he is. Good for him.

The great thing about Jeremy Maclin is he can do it all .... The Chiefs will love his reliability.

With respect to the Eagles, $11 million might be a little too high. Philadelphia had the room to keep him if they wanted him but they shouldn't have just handed him a blank check. Like I said earlier, Maclin is a very good receiver but I don't think the Eagles wanted to pay him like he's an elite one.

Absolutely do not ask Maclin to...?

BGN: Break tackles. Former BGN manager Jimmy Kempski once nicknamed him "Self Tacklin' Jeremy Maclin." I don't think it's exactly fair to say Maclin is soft, but just don't expect him to plow through tacklers like some more of the NFL's physical receivers can.

You mentioned before that the chances of him leaving were low. What changed?

BGN: Yeah, don't I look silly now? I really did expect Maclin to be back, and he would have if the Eagles *really* wanted him. It sounds like the Eagles did their best to keep him, so it's not like they wanted to get rid of him or anything, but they didn't want to hand him a blank check. I thought both sides would be able to agree on a more reasonable deal. The negotiations seemed to stall when the Eagles only wanted to pay just under $10M and Maclin wanted at least $11M. It turns out Maclin took a little more to go to KC, and that's certainly his right. All the best.

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