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Jeremy Maclin's contract with Chiefs is $11 million per year

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Maclin's contract with the Kansas City Chiefs will be a big one. This according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, who says it will carry a value of $11 million per year.

The KC Star's Terez Paylor reports it is a FIVE year deal.

Dwayne Bowe's contract was about the same. But Bowe's contract came two years ago when the cap was $123 million. This year the cap is $143 million so it's not quite the same percentage.

Another important number we need to know is the salary cap hit, particularly in the first year. The Chiefs were tight up against the cap and will need to clear space to fit Maclin's contract, which can't become official until Tuesday afternoon. The Chiefs have ways of making that first year cap hit small but of course they'll have to eventually pay that.

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