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Jeremy Maclin, Tamba Hali contract numbers aren't out yet

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

For those asking, I don't know how much Jeremy Maclin will be paid in his contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Nor do I know what the numbers are behind Tamba Hali's contract restructuring, which will keep him in Kansas City next season.

The numbers on Maclin have not come out which is ... curious. If you look at all the players that have been reportedly agreeing to free agent deals over the past couple of days, the contract numbers usually aren't far behind. But Maclin's contract? Nothing yet. I wonder why not...

WR Randall Cobb signed a $10 million per year in Green Bay which sounds about right for Maclin, too. The Chiefs can manipulate the contract so that the first year cap number isn't very high, which will allow them to fit his cap number in this year. So even if he signed a $10 million per year contract, his cap number in 2015 won't necessarily be $10 million.

Then there's Tamba Hali.He reportedly restructured his contract to lower his cap number. He only had one year left on his deal so this will be a pay cut to stay in Kansas City. Someone would have paid Tamba a decent chunk of change had he hit the open market so I'm very curious to see how much he lowered his number.

The Chiefs were tight up against the cap and that was before signing Maclin. Many are speculating that Dwayne Bowe will be released at a cap savings of $5 million to fit Maclin's deal in. The Chiefs have to be cap compliant by Tuesday at 3 p.m. (Arrowhead Time).

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