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Chiefs free agency rumors: Randall Cobb gone, working on Rodney Hudson, safeties drawing interest

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Catching you up on Saturday's Kansas City Chiefs free agency rumors. Find Sunday's updates here.

The Packers re-signed Randall Cobb

Ughhhhhh. I really wanted the Chiefs to take a peek at him but we knew it was a very small chance of actually happening. Green Bay locked him up for $10 million per year, which was probably a little rich for the Chiefs anyway. Moving onto Jeremy Maclin...

Chiefs making 'strong push' to keep C Rodney Hudson

This according to CBS Sports Jason La Canfora and the KC Star's Terez Paylor. I wrote my thoughts on this here. Basically though, the Chiefs can't be paying their center $8-9 million per year. That's crazy talk, and I think the Chiefs know that. Some team out there with tens of millions in cap space (hey, Jaguars) has to spend so much that they'll be forced to overpay just to hit the minimum spending threshold. That's the team Hudson should be looking at. He has played well enough the last two seasons to get paid and he should seek out the highest bidder. That won't be in KC.

Chiefs, Jason Avant have 'mutual interest'

Herbie Teope reports the two sides are interested in doing this again. I can get on board with that if it's a short-term deal with little money. Avant is obviously not part of the long-term future at 31 years of age but he can be a good player to have on the roster as the Chiefs overhaul the receivers.

S Ron Parker has interest from multiple teams

This according to Herbie Teope. The Texans are one of those teams, according to Terez Paylor. Losing Parker to the Texans would be the second Chiefs safety to sign with Houston in the last couple years (Kendrick Lewis). He is reportedly seeking $6 million per year which, as much as I enjoyed the breakout season from Parker last year, is too much money for the Chiefs to spend on him. Like Hudson, he played his way out of KC to a bigger contract. If the market softens and he's looking for $4 million per year then I am very much interested again.

S Kurt Coleman drawing interest from other teams

It'd be tough to lose Parker and Coleman in the same offseason. A year after losing Kendrick Lewis and Quintin Demps. Add in Eric Berry and the Chiefs safety situation has some question marks for the future. I would like if the Chiefs could bring Coleman back -- but at their price, of course.

Chiefs tender several exclusive rights free agents

These players are staying in KC on one-year deals: TE Demetrius Harris, WR Junior Hemingway, OLB Josh Martin

These are players who are scheduled to be free agents but have two or less accrued seasons in the league. The Chiefs can tender them -- basically, that's saying "Here's a one year contract you will sign" -- and their only option is to sign it. So tendering these players includes no guaranteed money and doesn't necessarily mean they love the player. It's a standard move by most teams.

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