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Chiefs free agency: 'Mutual' interest in bringing Jason Avant back

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and receiver Jason Avant had a "mutual" interest in each other as we enter free agency on March 10, according to a report from Herbie Teope of Chiefs Digest.

Avant's situation is an interesting one because at 31 years of age he's not the long-term option that the Chiefs are probably looking for but he remains one of the Chiefs best options at receiver. At least right now, after the Chiefs released Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins.

With the Chiefs also potentially parting ways with Dwayne Bowe, the position is being overhauled and at some point they just need bodies there. Avant, who played for Andy Reid in Philly for seven seasons, is familiar with the system and would be a good veteran to have on the field when the Chiefs bring in other receivers not as familiar with the system.

Chiefs DigestDiving into the salary cap

Assuming the money is right -- that's key here -- I'm down with bringing Avant back. Why not? He may just be someone you want on the team in 2015 as they transition in new receivers and then make another decision on his future after this year.

Let's put this to a poll because I don't know where everyone stands. Do you want Avant back?

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