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Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs are talking about his contract

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We pointed out last night that Tamba Hali continues to tweet as if he will be part of the Kansas City Chiefs next season. I said to file that under: "Could mean something or could mean nothing".

Turns out, it could indeed mean something.

ESPN's Adam Teicher spoke with Tamba who says he and the Chiefs are working on a restructured contract that would allow him to stay in Kansas City. Go to ESPN and read the quotes from Tamba, who once again said it's not about the numbers for him.

I don't know if anything will get done but this sure seems encouraging, doesn't it? There seems to be some optimism tha this could happen.

No numbers were reported in the article but Tamba is scheduled to have a cap hit of nearly $12 million. Obviously that has to come down. How can they do that? That could be the question they're working on now. Tamba has just one more year remaining on his contract.

The contract is only part of this decision. The Chiefs have 2014 first round pick Dee Ford who needs to get on the field. Playing Tamba means not playing Ford -- assuming Justin Houston is back. And, oh hey, speaking of Justin Houston ... bringing Tamba back could be some insurance for Houston. There was chatter that Houston could sit out into the season -- seems unlikely but it's possible.

Would you be happy if the Chiefs could work something out with Tamba?

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