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Tamba Hali continues to tweet as if he will be part of the Kansas City Chiefs next season

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tamba Hali sure seems to think he will be part of the Kansas City Chiefs next season. At least judging by the tweets he sends out.

File this under: Could mean something, could mean nothing

Doesn't that sound like a person who thinks they will be a Chief next year? Click that Instagram link and you will see a picture of Tamba strip-sacking Philip Rivers (yes, worth the click).

Regardless, I find it interesting as we await the start of free agency on March 10. Tamba has made it clear he wants to be back with the Chiefs. He says the money isn't the issue. That is ultimately the decision of Chiefs GM John Dorsey, who is responsible for the Chiefs salary cap. Cutting Hali outright right now would save the Chiefs $9 million against the cap. If the Chiefs keep him that would presumably come as a result of some sort of negotiation to lower his nearly $12 million cap number.

What's the right number? How low can they go? Those are questions I just don't know.

An NFL Network report said the Chiefs are expected to cut or trade Dwayne Bowe. Tamba? Dunno. I am very curious to find out though.

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