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Chiefs free agency: Joe Mays has been released, team confirms

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced the release of LB Joe Mays.

The release will save the Chiefs about $2.7 million against the cap. Mays was entering the second year of his two-year contract signed last year.

Mays was brought to Kansas City as a complement to Derrick Johnson at inside linebacker last year. Things took a step back before they could really get going when Mays was injured before the season, which forced him to sit out more than half the year. The Chiefs had a number of inside linebackers during the season with injuries to both inside linebackers.

I wouldn't characterize this release as a major surprise but I thought there was a chance Mays would be back. Ultimately it likely came down to cap space. The Chiefs need more of it and they could create more space at the expense of Mays.

The Chiefs have had some inside linebacker woes during the Andy Reid and John Dorsey era. The team drafted Nico Johnson in the fourth round but he has since been released. Akeem Jordan last just one year as did Mays. The Chiefs will search for another solution in free agency or the draft.

With Derrick Johnson coming off an Achilles injury, inside linebacker is a position to watch.