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Chiefs' Justin Houston vs. Derrick Thomas through first four seasons

Nick Jacobs of Time Warner Cable Sports Channel posted this graphic on Twitter from their Redzone show comparing the Kansas City Chiefs' Justin Houston and Derrick Thomas through their first four seasons.

So DT has played in four more games. Houston missed five games last season while DT missed just one in his first four seasons. Houston has 33 sacks in his last 27 games; I'm not sure I would want to bet against him getting 10 more sacks if he didn't miss those games.

What also stands out is DT's forced fumbles. Remember how amazing he was at that? It always seemed like he was going to strip it when he came around the corner (sometimes I get the same feeling with Tamba Hali).

Not shown in this graphic is how each player does against the run. It's obviously been a while since I watched DT but I do remember that he wasn't as good at stopping the run as Houston. And that's one of the best parts of Houston -- he is the total package. Hopefully Tamba is showing him all about the TambaChop.

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