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Chiefs free agency rumors: Packers reporter wonders if KC makes a run at Randall Cobb

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Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is one of the top beat writers in the country covering the Green Bay Packers. And he named the Kansas City Chiefs when talking about teams that could potentially pursue WR Randall Cobb, who is set to hit free agency on March 10.

McGinn named the Jaguars and Raiders, who have a comical amount of salary cap space entering free agency. McGinn's report clearly cited sources when talking about the Jaguars and Raiders interest. He only suggests that the Chiefs might be interested. Read the full report here but an excerpt:

Jacksonville is expected to be all over Cobb. The Jaguars are $69.3 million beneath the top-51 salary cap, giving them the most room of any team.


Oakland, with the second-most top-51 cap space at $56.6 million, also is ready to enter the Cobb sweepstakes, according to sources. Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie helped draft Cobb for Green Bay in the second round four years ago and wants to reunite him with steady James Jones.

Kansas City is over the cap, but another ex-Packers personnel director, GM John Dorsey, is prepared to create space and might attempt to make a run at Cobb as well.

Obviously any Chiefs fan knows Cobb's name and has read the discussion around here regarding him and what he could bring to the Chiefs. He's also very expensive with McGinn's report that Cobb thought he could get more than the five-year, $8-9 million per year offer the Packers gave to him.

The Chiefs have their own $11 million a year receiver to worry about so, as of this moment, that's a pipe dream. But if the Chiefs cut high-priced players such as Dwayne Bowe and Tamba Hali? Well that might be a different story. The coming days will tell us a LOT about what the Chiefs plan to do in free agency. The fun part is that no one seems to know what will happen. They can clear cap space or they can retain their own guys.

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