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Kansas City Chiefs expect Derrick Johnson to be back next season (which is not a surprise)

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The idea of Derrick Johnson not coming back to the Kansas City Chiefs is something most fans didn't even consider. But DJ is a 32-year old well-paid linebacker coming off an Achilles injury. It is a fair question to consider but one we don't have to worry about anymore. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt told the Kansas City Star last week that the team is expecting DJ to return.

"We're looking forward to having him back this year, hopefully good as new," Hunt told the Star.

This KC Star story came out a few days ago but I must have skimmed right over this quote because, like many of you, I always expected DJ to be back. Now we have the owner on record as saying he expects him back.

There's one more part to this that's awfully interesting and it's a quote from Hunt about DJ's contract, which has one year and $5.25 million remaining.

"You mentioned that his contract is up this year," Hunt told the Star. "There will be a point in time where we address that. But it just hasn't been germane to this point."

So by "address that" does he mean an extension? I would like to see DJ on the field before I would be on board with that but if he's close to the player he was before the injury it's something I'm interested in. And something the Chiefs are likely interested in as well considering their troubles in finding an inside linebacker to stick in this defense.

Check out the Star for the full story and Hunt's quote praising DJ's greatness in Chiefs history.

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