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2015 NFL mock draft signup for Arrowhead Pride's annual mock

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's about that time of year again for the Arrowhead Pride NFL mock draft. We've done this every year for a few years now. You can see last year's mock here but the basic idea is that a commenter (that's you) claims a team and you will be the GM for that team in our mock draft. You'll send me your pick and a brief writeup on why you made that pick and I will post it.

Tomorrow at 12 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) the signup will be posted here and you can hop in the comments and claim a team. Whoever picks the team first will get that team. If you have had the same team in the AP mock draft for five consecutive years, you have the first shot at getting that team again. Shoot me an email (joel at sb nation dot com) before tomorrow's post and I'll include you.

Each pick will be due THREE DAYS BEFORE it posts. So the first pick is posting on April 6 but you need to turn that into me by this Friday, April 3. I will be emailing you for your pick, using whatever email you used to sign up with AP. If you do not respond to that email in time, I will give your pick to someone else and we will publicly mock you on the site.

So, tomorrow at high noon the games begin.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (April 6)
2. Tennessee Titans (April 6)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars (April 7)
4. Oakland Raiders (April 7)
5. Washington (April 8)
6. New York Jets (April 8)
7. Chicago Bears (April 9)
8. Atlanta Falcons (April 9)
9. New York Giants (April 10)
10. St. Louis Rams (April 10)
11. Minnesota Vikings (April 13)
12. Cleveland Browns (April 13)
13. New Orleans Saints (April 14)
14. Miami Dolphins (April 14)
15. San Francisco 49ers (April 15)
16. Houston Texans (April 15)
17. San Diego Chargers (April 16)
18. Kansas City Chiefs (April 16)
19. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo) (April 17)
20. Philadelphia Eagles (April 17)
21. Cincinnati Bengals (April 20)
22. Pittsburgh Steelers (April 20)
23. Detroit Lions (April 21)
24. Arizona Cardinals (April 21)
25. Carolina Panthers (April 22)
26. Baltimore Ravens (April 22)
27. Dallas Cowboys (April 23)
28. Denver Broncos (April 23)
29. Indianapolis Colts (April 24)
30. Green Bay Packers (April 24)
31. New Orleans Saints (April 27)
32. New England Patriots (April 27)

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