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Will one of these potential free agents be a Kansas City Chief next season?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting question from 610 Sports Danny Parkins about the Kansas City Chiefs free agency period coming up.

I'll go with ... no.

Cobb seems to be very expensive. Folks are talking crazy numbers like $12 million per year. We'll see how true that is once free agency hits but I am guessing Cobb is out of the Chiefs price range.

Andre Johnson would be interesting for the right contract, obviously something with a low cap number given his age. I could be interested here. But it's tough to predict the Chiefs would have interest in him. He's said to be looking for a contender where he can play. Do the Chiefs fit that bill?

Torrey Smith's name has been mentioned in connection with the Chiefs before. I haven't watched a lot of him but he seems more like a vertical receiver and I'm not sure that's where the Chiefs would get the best use out of a receiver.

Maclin is the most interesting name on this list, at least to me. I would be down bringing him in -- depending on the numbers, of course -- but it's possible he doesn't even make it to free agency. If he does make it, I suspect the Chiefs would have some level of interest. Given the uncertainty of their cap situation that's a tough one to predict right now.

Maclin would be my guess as the most likely. But will any of them actually be a Chief next season? I'll say no.

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