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Chiefs' Jeff Allen will be competing at tackle and guard

An interesting competition is developing at the Chiefs right tackle position.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

We have a little bit of clarity on Jeff Allen's future with the Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid spoke with the media on Tuesday and he broke the news that Jeff Allen could be competing at a couple of positions, including right tackle.

Reid said that Allen "is going to get in there too" when asked about the right guard competition between Paul Fanaika and Zach Fulton. Reid also revealed that the Chiefs believe offensive tackle might be Jeff Allen's best position.

"I mentioned (Donald) Stephenson," Reid said (via the Chiefs), "Jeff Allen can also play that tackle spot. Tackle might be his best position."

It appears some of our speculation that Allen could be switching positions could be true. This was one of the connections folks made when the Chiefs signed Fanaika to a three-year deal and traded a fifth round pick for Grubbs in addition to 2014 starting right guard Zach Fulton entering his second season. There are only two guard spots so it's a simple numbers game after those players were signed that led to the speculation among Chiefs fans.

Reid said that "right now" Stephenson would be the starting right tackle. But there are no games "right now" so we can't read too much into that yet.

Both Allen and Stephenson have question marks. Allen is coming off a season-ending injury last season, which Reid mentioned at his media availability. Stephenson played only a handful of snaps after Ryan Harris took his job following Stephenson's four-game suspension.

"Listen, [Stephenson] was suspended early, and he gave another guy (Ryan Harris) an opportunity. You see that over and over in this league. And once you give another guy an opportunity to be successful, you don't want to mess with that, especially on that position on the offensive line. So, you add in Jeff Allen to the mix, and Donald, there should be great competition along the board there. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing it."

I don't know whether they'll end up being starters or not but players like Stephenson and Allen can be valuable pieces on the line because they can play both guard and tackle. Based on the two-plus years since Reid and John Dorsey arrived, we know the Chiefs like that versatility.

Maybe it's just because it's March but for the first time in a long time, I'm looking at the Chiefs o-line depth chart and there are more players I like and want to keep than those who need to hit the road.

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