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John Dorsey says Chiefs have confidence in Eric Kush and more o-line notes

Quotes from the Chiefs GM on the state of the offensive line.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke with the KC media on a conference call this afternoon and several topics were on the offensive line (the others were receiver). The Chiefs offensive line could go so many different ways this offseason that I am very interested in this topic.

Here's what Dorsey had to say...

Who is replacing Rodney Hudson?

This is how Dorsey answered the question about replacing Hudson.

"Rodney is a very good player but sometimes you can't retain all of the players you hope for and you wish for. I have full confidence in [Eric] Kush. I think he'll do a nice job. We will always be looking to turn those rocks up and make training camp as competitive as we can."

Kush of course is the 2013 draft pick who sat on the bench for two years behind Hudson. A big question this offseason is whether Kush will be the one to take that job or whether the Chiefs will sign a veteran or draft someone. Some people have wondered about Jeff Allen here, too.

Asked if Kush would start, Dorsey said:

"Who knows. That's ultimately a coaches decision. I feel comfortable right now with where we are moving forward. We're always looking."


Paul Fanaika's role

Here's what Dorsey said about signing Fanaika, a guard:

"He will make the interior part of the line competitive. He's proven he can line up and start in the NFL. We're very happy to get him and seeing what he can do competing in training camp."

Presumably he will be competing with Zach Fulton and / or perhaps Jeff Allen at guard. Fulton started every game there as a rookie but it sounds like this one is a competition. Check out Matt Verderame's recent post on Fulton's tape vs. Fanaika's.

Asked who would start, Dorsey said:

"That's the beauty of going into training camp. They're going to line up and compete on a day out and day in basis."

Ben Grubbs is a proven player

The Chiefs traded for Grubbs last week and this made Dorsey very happy.

"I think Grubbs is a true professional. He's proven he can line up and play in the NFL at a high level. It gives us a proven player. He's a winner. Sometimes things like that unfold and it did and I'm very happy."

Jeff Allen's position

Finally, there's Jeff Allen. We wondered earlier this week if Allen would ultimately be the Chiefs right tackle or even the center.

"I think he's going to be in the mix. Let that competition work itself out. Let's get into OTAs and training camp and let everyone compete and then moving forward we'll have some depth there."

Hmm ... so I'm still confused about what position Allen will play.

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