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New Chief says it's a 'DB's dream' to play behind Justin Houston and Tamba Hali

The pass rushers help the defensive backs.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

New Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyvon Branch spoke to the KC media after his signing was made official and had a couple of quotes I really liked.

The first one is this one on the Chiefs defense:

"It's a very aggressive defense. They play downhill. They've got Justin Houston and Tamba Hali coming off the edges. That's like a DB's dream to have two guys like that rushing the quarterback. I'm just excited to be a part of it however I can help. If I can boost whatever it is, I'm with it. I'm just excited for this opportunity."

A "DB's dream" is very interesting because the Chiefs had one of the best pass defenses in the NFL last year while employing players who weren't really stars. This really shows the importance of the Chiefs pass rush and one of the reasons having someone waiting in the wings (oh hey, Dee Ford) is so important. It's also one of the reasons why I balked at first about the Chiefs spending so much on Ron Parker. If the real key to the defense is the pass rush, why $30 million on Parker? It turns out the numbers aren't quite that high early on but I do wonder about the philosophy of paying players in the secondary that much money when you're also investing so much into the pass rush.

The second thing that I liked was this from Branch on why he chose the Chiefs:

"When I came in there, just the vibe I got from the meetings that I had and being able to play on a good team. I feel like last year they were in every game. If they would have closed out the season a little differently, I think they would have a shot in the playoffs. I just feel like this is good opportunity for me."

The Chiefs have been in almost every game under Andy Reid. They rarely get blown out. Last year the Chiefs lost to the Broncos by 13 points (which they were arguably in late in the game) and the Titans by 16 points. The year before that they had a 16-point loss to the Colts which was the only game they weren't in. Those are the Chiefs blowouts under Andy Reid. They stay in most games.

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