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Ben Grubbs trade an even better deal for Chiefs when you factor in comp picks

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The cost of the Kansas City Chiefs trading for guard Ben Grubbs was a fifth round pick (and, oh yeah, a few million bucks). It seems like every Chiefs fan I've encountered thinks this was a good move by the Chiefs, and I agree. Big position of need turns into a big upgrade. As Borat would say, it's very nice.

What I also like about this is that the Chiefs, who just gave away a fifth round pick, will probably be getting several more picks right around that area in a few weeks.

Compensatory picks are awarded at the owners meetings in March when we expect to hear that the Chiefs received as many as four compensatory picks, the max you can receive.

These comp picks are based on how many free agents you lost the year before versus how many you gained. So a team like the Chiefs who lost a bunch of free agents and didn't sign many will receive these extra compensatory picks.

Only the NFL knows the formula for comp picks but Over The Cap had a projection of what they thought the Chiefs would receive: third round pick, two fifth round picks and a seventh round pick.

If that projection turns out to be accurate, the Chiefs just traded away one of their THREE fifth round picks. In this arrogant humble blogger's opinion, that makes this trade even better for the Chiefs.

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