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This tweet shows why the future is bright for the Kansas City Chiefs

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you want some optimism about the future of the Kansas City Chiefs then this tweet is for you.

I am having trouble finding the exact average age of all the teams but the Chiefs were the third youngest team heading into last season. Since then they then released several of their older players, including Anthony Fasano and Donnie Avery.

Add onto that the 11 draft picks the Chiefs are hoping to have -- their original seven picks plus as many as four compensatory picks, which will be announced at the NFL owners meetings later this month.

Now check out this piece on the future of the Chiefs cap. Assuming the Chiefs don't keep pushing more cap space into the future (ahem, Tamba's deal), they should have some flexibility next season.

The Chiefs 2008 draft, where they had 12 picks, ended up giving them a core of players for the next few years. Glenn Dorsey, Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers, Jamaal Charles and Brandon Carr were all multi-year starters from that draft class. Imagine the Chiefs if they had another class like that. Shoot, imagine the Chiefs if they hit on even half those guys. They're a much better team if they do.

March is made for optimism in the NFL.

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