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Kansas City Chiefs fans await official word on Jeremy Maclin signing

There's nothing to worry about they say.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATEIt's now official

We still await the OFFICIAL news of Jeremy Maclin's deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. It does not appear that we're getting the Emmanuel Sanders treatment here. It sure sounds as if this thing will be official sometime soon.

John Middlekauf, who is a radio host in San Francisco and formerly a scout under Andy Reid, wrote this last night:

And this:

Meanwhile, the reporter who is local understands the name Emmanuel Sanders is in the back of Chiefs fans heads right now as we await for this thing to become official. But Terez Paylor says not to worry right now. It's coming.

The Chiefs are one of those teams that don't like to announce or comment on these things until ink hits the paper. Here's to hoping we get the official word today.

I will also point something else out. The weird NFL rules about the three-day legal tampering period before free agency actually begins states that teams can negotiate but not actually agree to terms. The word is that the NFL will investigate the teams who agreed too early. Maclin seems like a prime candidate for this as his deal was reported on Sunday night, nearly two days before free agency started. And you know how the NFL loves to pin one team down for a rule violation that every team in the NFL violates (Bountygate, deflating footballs, etc). Luckily, the Dolphins and Ndamukong Suh seem like the bigger deal here. Long story short, the NFL and their rules suck.

Just keep hitting refresh until that news comes in. Just keep

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