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Priest Holmes would win even when the opponent knew the Chiefs entire game plan

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With DefleateGate and all of that going around, some former players and coaches are sharing the ways they cheated in the NFL. One day it's deflating footballs and another day it's stealing signals. Whatever it is, teams cheat.

Former NFL player Matt Bowen of Bleacher Report wrote about his experience of cheating in the NFL in this column. I found this part interesting:

"As a visiting player in Kansas City, I once saw an entire offensive game plan up on the board inside an "unlocked" office hours before the game," Bowen wrote.

First of all, how does that happen? Bowen played in the league in the mid-2000s so it's not all that long ago. I always thought NFL teams think they are royalty with the amount of security they have.

Anyway, Bowen finished up his thought with this:

"Did it help?" Bowe asked. "Nope. We got smashed. Blasted. Priest Holmes lit us up. Even when we knew what play was coming, we still couldn't stop it."

That's because Priest was the man.