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Chiefs' Terrelle Pryor says he witnessed a shooting at a Pittsburgh mall

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

You never want to see a Kansas City Chiefs player's name and the word "shooting" in the same headline (or anyone's name for that matter) but this one is nothing sinister on the part of Terrelle Pryor, who tweeted that he saw a shooting in a Pittsburgh mall Saturday night and then deleted the tweets.

The now-deleted tweets read:

Damn was just in monroeville mall and just saw 2 ppl get shot. They are letting guns go in there.

Didn't see who was shooting, saw two people drop though! I was looking but 10 more shots went off and was getting closer to me. Then I ran

There's also this still on his Sqor account:

I was looking. Couldn't see who was shooting. After I heard 10 more go off n getting closer to me, I ran. So I have no answers for questions. My main gaol was to get tho the food court and get the kids out safely!!!

There are news reports about this, which you can read here and here. Three people were shot and it sounds like they have a suspect arrested. The (other) AP story calls Pryor an ex-NFL quarterback, which ... maybe they didn't get the news.