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Kansas City Chiefs should hope for repeat of 2008 NFL Draft

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs 2008 NFL Draft class laid the foundation for the team for several years. With Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers, Jamaal Charles and Brandon Carr, the Chiefs found four legitimate stars (and Glenn Dorsey, who was serviceable but not a star). The Chiefs had 12 picks in that draft, which was a big one.

The Chiefs are facing another big time draft in 2015. They could have as many as four compensatory picks, which could give them 11 total draft picks in the 2015 NFL Draft. That's a lot.

The Chiefs will hope for a high compensatory pick for the loss of Branden Albert, which could end up giving them four picks in the top 100. They'll finally have a second round pick for the first time in the Andy Reid / John Dorsey era. With plenty of cap concerns, this is a very good year to have a lot of draft picks.

Imagine if the Chiefs came out of this draft with four very, very good starters like they did in 2008 with Albert, Flowers, Charles and Carr. How many problems would that solve? Not only were those good players, but they kept on delivering down the road. The Chiefs picked up an extra third round compensatory pick in the 2013 draft after Carr left. They will have a compensatory pick as high as the third round this year after Albert left.

This can be one of those drafts that turns the page and sets the foundation for years to come. I know I'm stating the obvious here, but this is a very important draft for Dorsey and Reid.